La Costituzione Americana

In the spring of 2003, Ariel Soulé and Simon Toparovsky created an installation entitled La Costutizione Americana for the 9000 square foot, sixteenth century deconsecrated cloister church of San Paolo Converso in the center of Milan. This building, filled with masterwork frescoes and paintings by the Fratelli Campi, was an historic counterpoint to the contemporary work in four hands – a path of paintings and sculpture conceived as a visual testament to the powerful idealism of the founding principles of the new American State.

The exhibition was awarded the sponsorship of the Cultural Council of the City of Milan, the Council for Museums and Exhibitions of the City of Milan and by the Consul General of the United States, U.S. Mission to Italy.
A catalog was produced with images of the installation, philosophical and historical essays and poetry by important writers from both Italy and the

Ariel Soulé

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