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9. Clash of civilizations

 2 plates on the model of the Iliadic tables representing the events of the Homeric culture. the plates of Soulé and Toparovsky all refer to a unique single source, the Iliad, and develop episodes that find correspondence in the contemporary world as proof that the themes of war, of the passions and fate do not ever change and remain in the history of paradigmatic humanity.

1. Just War
2. Cassandra or the unheard voice of passion
3. Love as casus belli
4. When the Gods interfere
5. Heroism and cunning
6. The invincible defeated
7. The destruction of the city
8. The final duel
9. Clash of civilizations
10. Glory unparalleled
11. The fall of heroes
12. Andromache or loyalty

An endless roll listed, then, by subject, light games and shapes that allow you to read chapters, elegantly indecent episodes of noble brutality and dignified exhibitionism. The 12 multiples trace the lyrics of the origin of
Western culture, mixing, as usual for Soulé

and Toparovsky, painting and sculpture in minute formal descriptions that recount these dialogues so passionately.

The twelve Tabulae of Soulé and Toparovsky represent both tradition and contemporaneity as they concede to an ideal of structured and sophisticated form and to the logic of original invention: a multiplicity of mirrors (12). The work , which is symmetrical and specular to Homeric inspiration, is the theology of existence, with its eternal themes of exploration, inviting us to cross the threshold to better understand the present.

It is a world that perpetuates its escape by following the paths of combinatorial labyrinths.

~ Gianni Donatelli
Professor of the Philosophy of Language
Politechnico di Milano

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